Publication in National Geographic Daily Dozen and selection in the best entries of 2016 nature contest

here and here  for website

and facebook publication here

Publication in National Geographic Daily Dozen of 07 march 2017

Best voted entry and featured by the national geographic, on the websiste, instagram and twitter account :

herefor instagram

here for website 

here for twitter

Publication in National Geographic Daily Dozen of 1 november 2017


Featured many time by, one of the biggest website dedicated to photography ! (300000 followers and 4.2 millions page view each month)

herehere and 2 others : swiss dolomites, The giant of the alps all were on fstoppers instagram simultenously with 4000 likes each.

Publication in the Fine Art photography group of facebook (848000 followers) here

2 Publications in The worldclass landscape photography group (115000 followers)

here and here

Another one in march 2017 on Fineart group:


Featured by Fujilove (30000 followers) here

2 Featuring on the facebook page of the Landscape Photography Magazine for my images of Scotland (548000 followers) 

here and here and instagram/ instagram

2 other publications in March 2017 from my recent trip in the Lofoten's Islands :

Instagram and second instagram in Hamnoy


3 silver awards on the Better Photography Magazine contest 2016

3 Honorable Mentions on the ND Award contest

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